Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style

Look Good For Your Wedding

The wedding: what every woman has dreamt about from the minute they found out what it was as a little girl. Planning every detail as each year passes in their lives, women normally have a pretty concrete idea of what exactly is going to happen at their wedding before they even start to date “Mr. Right”. This is why the men will hardly ever have any say in what the plans for the wedding are, just to follow the directions of the fiancé before getting yelled at. However, the only issue with these plans is the fact that technology and apparel is continually changing every year so you also will need to keep up with the styles.

Look Good For Your Wedding

Look Good For Your Wedding

It is not too difficult to keep up with the latest styles with all the media outlets and online sources that can help you in your search. The wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding for the bride; it is what makes the audience “ooh” and “ah” as she walks down the aisle. The other aspect of appearance that women will stress when it comes close to wedding time is what make-up she will wear and how. All of your needs in any of these areas can be searched at online sources like or others where you can hone in on your choice easier.

So, for men, just know that the best thing you can do for your bride-to-be is to just get out of the way, let her do what she needs to do, and help her out whenever you can. Make her dreams come true as you set out into life anew and together.

Summer Dresses Provide Full Spectrum Looks

From casual sundresses to elegant evening wear, few women don’t feel sexier in lovely summer dresses.

Dance the night away in a thrilling Miso Pleated Wrap Dress. Deep navy blue is offset by the bright pink inlaid cummerbund. The deep neckline counters and complements the sleeveless wrap-around that will have beaus wrapped around your finger.

The Club L 2-in-1 dress offers a slightly more casual look but is no less stylish. The black ribbon-and-lace corsage sets off this dress with its raised front and back and drooping side panels that spotlight your curves.

Select a look for each mood. Choose the frock to rock your scene. Command attention and tease with a look. Be your own woman and drive your date wild.

Lightweight prints, solids and mixed colours this season allow every woman’s fashion statements to reflect the full spectrum from a lovely innocent to a seductress extraordinaire.

Pleated necks, frilly adornments, simple prints, dazzling simplicity and more are presented to the fashion-minded woman this season.

Be sure to check return policies and size adjustments for style before you buy. When your new dresses arrive, start filling your calendar: You have a lot to show off, and you are worth every bit of attention you get.

The Bucket List for Singles

Bucket lists are meant to be completed before a person “kicks the bucket.” But what about those things you want to do before you aren’t single anymore? Instead of worrying about when singledom will end, enjoy being single! Here are five ideas:

1. Have a secret lover.

This doesn’t mean having an affair. Keeping it a secret while you’re single can keep the passion alive and afford you privacy without hurting anyone else.

2. Take a class.

Do you want to learn to fly an airplane? Take a class and get going! Take classes for an afternoon or enroll in college and get a degree in whatever you want. No coordinated schedule necessary.

3. Take the ultimate road trip.

You don’t need a babysitter. You don’t even need to plan. Get in the car and just drive, or book a last-minute flight to anywhere in the world!

4. Drive a sports car.

Don’t wait for a midlife crisis. There’s no child seat in the back, so do it now. If you can’t afford to buy the car, rent one for a week.

5. Work your dream job.

Without mortgages and daycare expenses, now is the time to work a job that fulfills you as a person without worrying about the pay.


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