Designer Gina Itor, VIGGO is a style. VIGGO is a dream. VIGGO is also a place – a place where a man’s alter ego becomes a perfect statement of both conduct and class. VIGGO doesn’t need to earn respect because VIGGO is respect. Birthed by the fiery heart and of artist Gina Itor, these explosive and painstakingly created artworks have one thing in common, uniqueness. The complex process developed by this artist to ensure that each piece diversifies yet holds true to it’s spiritual heritage is unheard of in the world of fashion. Not every tale of extraordinary talent and success begins solely with the narrative of its subject though. Just the briefest of glimpses into the world of Gina Itor will show you a place where literally anything is possible. Gina has been cultivating her reign over a familial legacy of art, genius, and dynamism for many years.

Los Angeles Fashion Week