Vaishali S

Vaishali Shadangule draws inspiration from her ability to observe and listen, allowing her designs to speak for themselves. Born in the small town of Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, Vaishali’s journey into the fashion world has been an inspiring tale.Vaishali realized her passion at a very young age. Living in a community still rooted in patriarchy, she realized that for girls, marriage was often a priority over education and career. Fearful at the prospect of being married, she left home and boarded the first train that arrived on the platform, which took her to Bhopal. She was just 18 and had neither money nor belongings and that’s exactly when she discovered her love for fashion and textile and since then there has been no looking back. On an income of just Rs.500 as an office assistant in her first job, she has managed to bring herself after a long struggle. An artist by heart and designer in profession, she is able to bend things most people see as straight line. The honesty and authenticity of her work, is what keeps her clients enraptured and engaged and after this long journey today she employs around 40 people under her label – Vaishali S, a design house of global repute in Bombay.

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018

New York Fashion Week