Sarene Fu

Sarene fu is a Taiwan based wedding gown designer. Sarene was not formally trained in fashion design when she first started her boutique. She learned how to sew at a young age but never pursued it further. After graduating from university with a non-fashion related degree, she started working in the outdoor garment fashion industry. Yet, after a few years, she realized that her passion was in fashion design. Therefore, she traveled to Sydney, Milan, Beijing and other cities to enhance her skills at the same time studying fashion.

In 2010, she founded her own small bridal boutique to present her own collection. She created and catered to women’s taste for extraordinary and modern bridal gowns. The Emma Bridal brand has been personified by fashion forward brides all over Asia.

Therefore, in 2018, she started a new chapter in her career in ready to wear designs. She possess a true talent to express her visions through designs, explores colors that resample harmony in discord and chooses fabric from traditional Chinese elements.She believes it makes woman flattered and classy. The objective is to be more than just a bridal designer. Hence, a new brand using her name, “Sarene Fu” was created to reintroduce herself.

New York Fashion Week SS19