Rebecca Justh

Rebecca Justh has graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava,
Slovakia. From early childhood she devoted herself to clothing design
and sewing. She has personally designed and hand-made plenty of clothing
not just for ladies – evening dresses, costumes, coats … but also for
gentlemen and children. She very much likes to create her own,
never-represented-before shapes, unique designs. She loves to combine
colors in the spirit of her feeling.

She performed her collections at fashion shows in Budapest, Vienna,
Prague, Slovak Fashion Week in New York in 2017, but most often in
Bratislava during the Bratislava Fashion Days.
Most popular materials for her clothing creations are silk, cotton,
wool, but also leather and fur. In recent years, she has been using
glass in garment to tie up with silk. The glass elements, decorated with
gold and platinum, are embedded in the garments in the form of different
designs. Evening dresses are decorated with beautiful glass corsets and

This year she created a collection of gold and platinum handbags using
decorative glass as a creative and original addition to the presented
collection made from original French brocade. The collection is called
“Madam de Pompadour of 21st Century”.

“My dress has to make woman perfect – make her beautiful.” Rebecca Justh

New York Fashion Week SS19