Norahs Khan

Norahs Khan, CEO and Founder of Distinctive Hand Designs By Norahs. Her Wearable Art Collection is a fusion of art and spirit embraced by women in USA, England, CapeTown South Africa, seen in commercials in China, the Queen  and the Princess of Blann Tribe in the Philippines wears NK Designs. Recently seen in Madrid, Spain and on the red carpet at the Golden Awards, 2016. Norahs evolves as an obedient free spirit living and expressing power of healing through her Wearable Art Collection while currently residing near Atlanta Georgia,USA. Her brand Distinctive Hand  Designs by Norahs flows through her in deliverance of Divine Creativity. Her wearable art collection has been seen on numerous  runways in support of charitable fashion shows raising awareness to women’s health and wellness issues.

Los Angeles Fashion Week