Marinia By Marina Ilic

MARINIA inspires and nurtures the urban elegance of every woman by transforming mainstream trends into a distinctive fashion experience. The fusion of striking details and sophisticated materials creates a design meant to leave a lasting impression while highlighting your inner urbanite.
Marina Ilic
Co-Founder & Designer
Marina Ilic is the creator and designer of the MARINIA brand. Art has been central to Marina from an early age and her experiences as a graphic and textile designer are intricately interwoven in all of her creations. Marina is also pursuing a PhD in Media Art at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her desire is to broaden the appeal and accessibility to MARINIA’s unique creations in an urban-elegant style that is certain to inspire modern, bold and empowered women.
Ksenija Zlatic
Co-Founder & CEO
Ksenija Zlatic is the CEO and Brand Manager of the MARINIA brand. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Management in 2012 from Gutenberg University, Germany, Ksenija has been working in the financial services industry in Boston, USA.  Since the founding of MARINIA, she is dedicated to cultivating the essence of the MARINIA brand that is sure to amaze and inspire its followers.

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