Eva Habashi

Eva Habashi Couture is ruled by Eva Habashi a unique Egyptian designer who always focuses on setting high standards in terms of creativity and quality across local and international markets. Her brand is specialized in exceptional Evening and Bridal Wear. They are known for their intricate embroidery work, high-end quality and finishing standards, and their expertise into perfectly sculpting and enhancing a woman’s silhouette.  Eva has managed to reach the UK market through selling her collection at London’s famous fashion hub; Mayfair. She has also a list famous fashion bloggers that she has dressed since her opening in the year of 2016.

SS17 “La Liberate” was their first collection released in  April 2017. This collection was inspired by all symbols of freedom, including birds and other flying creatures. As recalled by Eva; “ I tried to use the birds with their bright colors to symbolize hope. We currently have a lot of political and economic problems in our society. This collection aims to act as a mood-lifter and to introduce a new perspective”.

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018