Dinkra takes you to Ghana. A country with a rich history, fascinating cultures and relaxed fishing villages. Here you will find Africa at its purest. Dinkra is derived from Adinkra. These are symbols used in daily life by the beautiful Ashanti culture. The Ashanti’s are master in woodcarving. We have made for our bags and accessories a selection of twelve symbols with beautiful proverbial meanings, handmade from Ghana. The wooden symbol and colorful fabric makes our products truly eye-catchers. Are you a real go-getter then choose the symbol Aya or give a gift to a friend or girlfriend then you go for the symbol Ese ne Tekrema. With twelve symbols there is always a matching bag. Juliet, born in Ghana, is the inspiration for Dinkra. Because of her experience, our bags and accessories really got an African touch. Be surprised by the story of JuliĆ«t and choose a symbol that suits you. Our products are also very nice to give as a gift to family or friends for example. Your order will be festively packaged and sent immediately, so that you will soon have lots of fun. With a Dinkra bag you really have something unique in your hands. Plenty of shopping pleasure! Team Dinkra

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