Brush Beauty Machine for Youth Skin with CE, FCC Marks

Brush Beauty Machine for Youth Skin with CE, FCC Marks

Brush Beauty Machine for Youth Skin with CE, FCC Marks

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Brush Beauty Machine for Youth Skin with CE, FCC Marks
Gone are the days when a good ole bar of soap and your hands were enough to wash the day away. Life changed when the facial cleansing brush hit the scene, and in the decade since its advent, the technology has just gotten better and better—whether you’re looking for cutting edge sonic waves or a perfectly respectable drugstore buy. The best brushes have the same general process: Remove your makeup, apply cleanser to wet skin, and massage along your face in circular motions for a minute or so. The results? Exfoliated, smooth, and clear skin. From the classic Clarisonic to the new wave Foreo, here are five brushes I’ve tried and loved plus a few other highly reviewed models.

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Clarisonic’s vibrating brushes were all the rage in 2016 when all your fave skInfluencers were on that buzz. The brushes are no longer quite as ubiquitous, but they’re still one of the top rated devices. The cult favorite is the Mia model. It’s ideal for even the most sensitive skin; the soft and gentle brush works diligently to remove makeup, dirt, and oils with oscillation technology that distributes 300 micro-massage movements every minute. After continual use, you can expect to see enhanced cell turnover and smoother, softer skin. The downside? The cleaning. The brush comes with a number of filters but as a clean freak I can find the cleaning of the brush and filters to be exhausting. To clean the filter, you remove the brush and cleanse the base with soap and water. You can use a Q-tip to get in the nooks and crannies of the filter. Cleaning the brush head is where it gets a bit grimy. Because of the makeup buildup, it’s best to clean once a week or when you notice a lot of discoloration on the brush. Use an antibacterial soap and massage the bristles to remove the excess makeup. Next, rinse the brush head until any residue is gone or the water runs clear. I never feel like I clean it quite right. If you think you can beat me at the cleaning game, I highly suggest this brush. If you don’t have the time, maybe look below.
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  • The first facial brush from beauty giant Clinique delivers. The brush was developed by dermatologists to serve all skin types and provide a gentle cleanse. I have to say, my pores were noticeably less visible while using this product. The unique tapered head also lets you target hard to reach areas like beside your nose or on your lower chin. Unlike the other brushes that recommend one minute sessions, this brush has a 30-second timer so you’ll never over-scrub. The major criticism for this product comes from Amazon users. A number of customers complained that the brush’s use was very short-lived. The product seemed to die or break too easily for some

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